Indie Music

What is Indie Music?

Indie…the word many are using to describe fresh new local bands. The debate I hear a lot on the subject is the question of whether “Indie” is a specific sound, or whether it simply means independent original music free of a major label. I personally stand with the latter definition and use the word with this connotation in mind.

Mediums in technology have taken music promotion to a whole new level, instead of major record labels and form forcing promoters who know little about new music and the creative foot artists can set off on (with the liberty that comes from being independent), bands are taking control of their music careers using the internet as a key factor in promotion (Reverb Nation, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, the list goes on). Along with touring and networking indie bands are also finding local studios to assist in the production of their albums.

The potential here is cosmic; how far each band goes ultimately depends on their individual dedication, perseverance, and hard work. It’s a tight knit community which appears to be taking on a positive, never give up attitude while working hard to provide mutual support at CD release parties, promotional events, and frequent exciting line-ups.

A lot of indie bands have been faced with a lack of venues which support and represent original music; being told they just don’t generate guaranteed revenue such as that sometimes provided by a cover band. However, things have improved slightly in the past few years and I think we really are on to something here, we will hit that mark in the sand, we just have to keep the momentum going, keep pushing that swing higher until it rolls over the bar at the top, repeatedly.

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