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Juke Box

Click on the links below to listen to some of the music that’s been played at Blind Beggar Pub.

Song: Bottom

By Mid-Upper Gunner


Song: Primal Instinct

by Downtown Prophets – Local Punk Band

Description: New school punk band with melodic guitar licks


Song: Soul Rubbin

By Bloom – Local Reggae Rock Band.

Description: BLOOM is a reggae, dub, hip-hop, ska, rock band with elements of dance, and world music. They thrive on bringing an audience to a level where music, life and experience collide.


Song: Guilt Ridden

Song: Hold it High

By Slurr – Local Indie Rock Band.

Slurr is an Indie band from the early 2000 in Calgary. Owner of the Blind Beggar Pub was lead singer and band leader. The gap in the Indie Band market is the reason the Blind Beggar Pub exists